Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sandi!!!

I love that I have a wonderful mother-in-law. She's also a rockin' grandma to my boys,
wise counsel, lovely spirit, awesome shopping buddy, and amazing friend!

We all love you, Sandi- have a wonderful birthday!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

we went on a trip......

we had so much fun, we didn't take many pictures.
but here are my littles, lookin' cute!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

miller's hand :(

on june 9th, matthew and i had plans to see the music man here in town.
tickets bought, dressed and ready, babysitter booked, making dinner.

that last one is what went wrong. miller likes to see what i'm cooking. every night.
he sits on the counter while i make dinner. if he doesn't get to watch, he literally wedges
himself between me and the stove. i'm never further than 6 inches away.
after dinner was cooked, and the burners OFF, i turned to put the pot in the sink.
2-3 seconds, i turn back around and watch (in what seemed like slow motion) miller
lean over and put his left hand on the burner, it was off, but still hot, since it's electric.
i lurch toward him saying "no, baby!" AS he was leaning, before he did it, but i am
not mrs. incredible- i was too slow. he burned his left palm and began screaming.

i grabbed him and put it under the faucet. it blistered right away,
and one corner and side came off in the stream of water. so, i pulled it.
don't know why, but found out later it was a good thing to do- guess my survival instincts
took over. a complete layer of skin on his entire left palm was in my sink.
i called for matthew and told him "i'll run him over to urgent care,
and i'll be back in time for the show."

not exactly. we got to urgent care, and the dr said, "you must take him to the burn hospital-
they will know how to keep him from losing his mobility in his hand."
i read NieNieDialogues, and just the mention of the burn center scared me.
they called the maricopa county burn center and told them we were coming.

i called my mommy. she met us there. i was a mess.
mumbling to myself what a bad mommy i am.
whispering apologies in miller's ear over and over again.

the staff reassured me that this happens more often than i think. it doesn't really help.
they also say it doesn't look "that bad"- he's medicated (loopy baby), it's cleaned (with screaming) medicated ointment (with crying) bandaged (whimpering cries now)
and then soothed (with a messy popsicle). my mind was elsewhere, but i grabbed
these two pictures right near the end of the ordeal.......

the great news is that the wound completely healed in 3 weeks flat- which put us within the
safety zone for not having any scarring!! woohoo!!! so thankful it all worked out so well.

later that week, matthew and i went on an anniversary date, which included
dinner at our rehearsal dinner restaurant, a visit to the church we got married at,
and a walk through our old apartment complex- that's us in front of our
apartment door- we look goofy 'cause we're trying to snap it quick before the people
come out to see what's going on......we stayed at the royal palms over night,
and were glad that nana and grandma could take care of the boys for us.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

spring fever/senioritis

when i was a senior in high school, i won a superlative for senioritis (of orchestra,
i know, lame, whatever!) anyway...........
now that toby's in school, i'm getting a solid case of senioritis/spring fever. i just can't wait for school to get out! i'm not following through very well on homework or other ridiculous paperwork from school- i just wanna play and enjoy the awesome weather!!

we've all been really enjoying our new bikes and baby trailer. we are quite the sight riding around all over- to walgreens, dinner, school, our favorite yogurt shops, etc. it's super fun! and matthew has taken to having a more challenging ride on his own in the mornings, too. his tummy is melting away......boys! i've started working out again. well, i've started zumba-ing again. i love it! it's so fun, and i get a good workout in while channeling my former pommie glory.

we had a lovely easter- both sides of the family over for lunch, followed by an egg hunt. i got to sing a solo(!) with the phoenix symphony(!) on may 5th. i got to wear a dress, take a bow, and have my own dressing room!! i will never forget that experience!! i found out i am gonna be joining the arizona opera chorus- actual pay for singing- not much, but more than nothing. we shared a nice mother's day, with a fabulous breakfast at tc eggington's. looking forward to 2 more phoenix symphony chorus concert weeks, featuring rachmaninoff and mendelsohn.

then, summer vacation!!!!!!!! we're in the planning stages just now. thanks for checking in. see you again soon!